Teaching English in France

You will find hereafter a list of schools where you can apply for a job as an English teacher. The Embassy of France manages the first program inthe list (if you are between 20 and 30 years of age as of October 1 of the year you wish to go to France). Except for that program, the search for an opportunity as a English teacher in France is a responsiblity of the candidate.

To read some of the information, a little French is needed but it is an excellent exercice for someone who intends to live in France, go shopping, make friends, travel, dine, find a lodging, take the metro, see the Eiffel tower, tan on the Cote d’Azur beaches, etc. And by the way the French and English languages share 80% of the same vocabulary with some easy lexical or phonetic changes.


- 1 - Frenchculture assistantship program

- 2 - Fulbright Program


- 3 - English-speaking or bilingual schools in Paris and France


- 4 - Information on 26 large English-speaking schools in France

- 5 - The national register of the 23 590 public schools in France or click here

To search the register, use this website

- 6 - The official national private schools register, as well as this one

- 7 - Public boarding schools . Several windows let you search per education district (= Académie), geographic district (= département), type of school (= type d’établissement), type of issued diplomas (= diplôme préparé), and co-education (= mixité)

- 8 - Private boarding schools or www.enseignement-prive.org (can be searched by region, city, etc)

- 9 - French universities and postsecondary institutions with programs taught in English at the Master level, go to CampusFrance

In order to work in France, foreigners must obtain a work permit (autorisation de travail) from the foreign workforce service (Service de la main d’oeuvre étrangère) of the Departmental directorate for work, employment and professional training (Direction départementale du travail, de l’emploi et de la formation professionnelle or DDTEFP). Some work permits, called "titre de séjour unique", are in the same time residence permits, other work permits need to be supplemented by a separate residence permit, called "titre de séjour".

For details of the process, please visit this site,
this website

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