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Placed in every country under the authority of the Embassy of France, the Services of Cooperation and Cultural Action (SCAC) set out to promote the French language and the French culture in association with local institutions.

The SCAC of Houston develops initiatives in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas in the educational, academic and artistic fields. Its goal: making the American public discover the rich world of French creation and culture.


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Its bases mainly rest on the close relation with schools proposing a French school program, immersion programs, or courses of French as a Foreign Language.

We support professors’ local associations, the French Alliances of the region, and we offer grants for summer pedagogical internships to French language teachers.



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We work in association with the universities of the region, which attract students and researchers from all over the world. Our lecturers program allows every year to bring to the United States, the best French academics, writers and the artists.

Through the invited speakers, the steady debates, the organized symposiums, our objective is to accompany and to enlighten the contemporary debates to enrich the dialogue between our two countries.

We also set out to bring life to the French department of the universities of the region and to favor the exchanges of students. We offer scholarships to American students of who wish to study in France. On this matter, we work in narrow collaboration with the Education Office of the Embassy of France.


The Cultural Service promotes, but also advises and supports the cultural events which make discover the French and French-speaking creation.


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