Services of the Consulate

The "Chancellerie Consulaire"

The "Chancellerie Consulaire", headed by Chun-Mee CHALINE, takes care of all administrative formalities for the French nationals (passports, elections...) and for Americans going to France (visa).

The Cultural Office

The Cultural Attaché, Sylvie CHRISTOPHE, promotes the French language and the French culture through cooperation with American Universities, through educational and linguistic exchanges and support to French works in all forms of art.

The Press Office

Véronique LHEMANN and Jane BUCKNER, Press Officers, establish contacts with the media and keeps them informed about events occuring in France. They provide answers about the position of France on international issues and monitors the statements made in the media about France.

The Office for Science and Technology

The Scientific Attaché, Alain Mermet, fosters relationships between France and the United States in the fields of Research and Development and higher education.
More information about the Office for Science and Technology .

Economic Department

The Consulate’s Department of Economic Affairs is responsible for monitoring and analyzing, on behalf of the French authorities, the situation and policies related to economic, industrial, financial and commercial issues. The Department also acts, as needed, as a liaison office on the same issues between the US authorities and their French counterparts. Because of Houston’s role as “the world energy capital”, this sector is followed with a particular attention.

The Department of Economic Affairs is part of the international network of the Treasury of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment.

Business France

The service to French companies interested in the American market is now provided by Business France

Business France provides assistance to French Companies looking to initiate or expand their export activity to the United States. The Energy sector is handled by Eleonore Cluzel and Charline Primat represents the Food & Wine Division.

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